IT Security

IT Security is now a critical part of your business IT in protecting your networks and data. We provide business IT with backup and disaster recovery solutions, centralised virus and threat management and user level security, management and auditing.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Backup, disaster recovery and business continuity planning are areas which mean stress and worry to many organisations. How do you keep your systems and company running in or after a disaster situation? Spectrum delivers backup, disaster recovery and business continuity services to clients, and builds infrastructure and IT systems which are resilient and operational in a disaster situation (quickly or immediately).

We are able to design, build and manage your IT systems so that, in a disaster, the backbone of your operations remain protected and recoverable. This incorporates IT system recovery plans, backup strategies, off-site replication and hosted critical services.

Spectrum also offers an off-site backup solution for on-premise servers and other critical systems data. The off-site backup stores your valuable data safely away from your office at Spectrum's secure data centre, located in the Adelaide CBD. This provides you with cover in case of large scale data loss scenarios like natural disasters, fire and theft.

Transferring your data to a remote location provides an extra layer of protection, and an alternative to traditional local backups to disk or tape which are high maintenance and not 100% reliable. Our off-site backup solution is fully managed and provides complete peace of mind knowing that your important data is safe and secure.

Virus & Threat Management Protection

Viruses and threats pose serious risks to a business’s valuable data, computers and network. These threats can also cause loss of productivity and revenue, and result in a high cost to business. Implementing network security and threat management to protect against the evolving nature of viruses and threats is an investment in your vital business systems and network operations.

We provide a centralised network security and threat management system for local network and remote systems, which automates virus, spyware and malware detection and removal.

All Spectrum clients on a Managed IT support plan also receive priority notifications of the latest threat alerts.

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